Giving to the CSRS

Saint John's Bible, Valley of the Dry Bones
The Saint John's Bible, Heritage Edition, was donated to the CSRS in celebration of Bishop Remi De Roo's 90th birthday. Volume 5 (Prophets) is pictured. "Valley of the Dry Bones", Donald Jackson, © 2005, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.

Giving to the CSRS

The Centre for Studies in Religion and Society has, from the outset, been supported by the generosity of individuals and groups. Through their charitable giving, our donors help young scholars achieve their life goals, help create a productive intellectual home for established scholars from UVic and all over the world, help create venues for public dialogue towards greater critical understanding of the role of religion in society, and assist in the creation of scholarly publications that inform public policy.

Any and all donations are appreciated. Those interested in making a donation can do so both by giving online or by mail using our printable pledge form

Planned Giving

For many people, a charitable bequest directed to the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society is a realistic option for contributing to the continued success of the Centre. Given through your will, a bequest can include gifts of cash, real estate, securities, art work or other property. You can also designate the Centre as the beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or insurance policy, and there can be significant tax advantages for your estate. To discuss how you could leave your mark for future generations, please contact the Development general office, at 250-721-7624 or at for a confidential conversation.