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From Ideafest 2020 "Religion, Spirituality, and Anthoropocene "

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We have more than 75 lecture videos mostly from our past John Albert Hall lecture series. Click the image to directly go to our collection (this image is from CSRS 2020 Ideafest in March, "Religion, Spirituality, and Ecology in the Anthropocene").

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International Research

International Research

Interior, Rustem Pasha Mosque, 1563, Architect Sinan, Istanbul, Turkey, Photo: Angela Andersen

Artefacts of Faith

Artefacts of Faith

Former CSRS Community Fellow Michelle Brown looked at current religious practices among the Unitarians of Transylvania. Pictured are communion utensils used at the Bolyai Street Church, Marasvásárhely. Photo: M. Brown

Religion today

As we enter the 21st century, the study of religion raises challenging questions. In such a religiously diverse society as Canada, where do we draw the boundary separating church from state? Is the number of Canadians who belong to a religion increasing, decreasing, or is the very idea of what it means to be religious itself in flux? For that matter, what is religion? A tool for social control, a perfect divine gift, an expression of one's cultural tradition? And what about human rights - do they include the right to wear religious symbols or to pray in public?

Who we are

The Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (CSRS) is a community of academics dedicated to the scholarly study of religion in relation to all aspects of human society, from law and politics to family and culture to history, the sciences and the arts. We have no affiliation with any religion and no religious agenda. We are equally interested in Eastern, Western, ancient and contemporary religions. The CSRS hosts a vibrant community of interdisciplinary scholars, researchers, students, artists, and community members through its diverse fellowship programs. To learn more about the people who make our centre unique, visit the "about us" page.


EUCE lecturer Monique Scheer

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