Research & publications

Detail of display at Jewish Museum, Berlin, 2015
Detail of display at Jewish Museum, Berlin, 2015. Photo by Paul Bramadat.

Research & publications

Research and publishing are a main focus of activity at the CSRS. Through our fellowship programs, we sponsor individual research by scholars from all disciplines and all parts of the world. Through our sponsored-research networks, we create strong teams of investigators to collaboratively measure, test and expand our understanding of the role of religion in society.

Key themes

  • Religious diversity;
  • The role of religious groups in the provision of social services;
  • The role of illuminated or illustrated translated sacred texts in contemporary religious groups;
  • Religious and cultural roots of vaccine hesitancy;
  • The governance of religious diversity in China, India and Canada;
  • Religious radicalization and securitization in Canada and beyond;
  • Spirituality in hospice palliative care.

CSRS book projects

The centre's signature research model involves the formation of interdisciplinary teams from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, law, fine arts and other disciplines. Each team is tasked with producing a collectively authored academic volume for use by students, researchers and the general public. View our current research publications.

Knowledge mobilization

Knowledge mobilization means putting knowledge into service for the benefit of society. Research produced at the CSRS is mobilized through a variety of channels to:

  • inform the public about new developments in knowledge about religion;
  • influence government policy;
  • influence professional practice;
  • provide teaching material for college and university classrooms;
  • train and mentor students;
  • build community;
  • promote informed dialogue about religion.