CSRS publications
CSRS publications

CSRS Publications

The CSRS produces many types of publications. Titles produced through our major research networks and lecture series are available from a variety of academic presses in Canada, the US and the UK. Other series, such as our Annual Report, Newsletter, Illumine, and the Community Seminar series are published in-house. Please see our lists of current and past publications which include CSRS manuscripts, as well as works published by CSRS fellows.

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CSRS Book Projects

Team book projects at the CSRS are based on a methodology developed by founding centre director, Harold Coward. In this unique model of research, interdisciplinary teams of investigators participate in an extended process of collaborative writing and critique leading to the publication of highly integrated academic volumes. The projects normally involve two research meetings over a period of eighteen to twenty-four months. As part of this distinctive research process, authors are expected to reference one another in their chapters. The overall result is a cohesive volume that challenges both authors and readers to consider common areas of understanding across disciplinary boundaries.

Topics for the CSRS book projects are normally selected in response to current and emerging issues of interest to society; as such, the projects typically incorporate participants from government, the professions, community organizations, and a variety of academic disciplines.