iMinds gambling education

Funding body: BC Ministry of Justice

Background: This project develops classroom learning resources to promote effective gambling education. It sets out to improve students’ gambling literacy—the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive in a world where gaming and gambling are common recreational activities. The goal is to encourage students to both express and think critically about their current gambling-related beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

Gaming and gambling touch virtually every aspect of human life. The opportunities for education are equally diverse. iMinds consists of a wide range of learning ideas that can be easily adapted and used in various curricular areas such as Social Studies, English Language Arts, Mathematics and other subjects and settings.

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  • Dan Reist (principal)
  • Asgari, Mahboubeh
  • Nicolussi, Gaelle
  • Pankratz, Nicole
  • Andrew, C.
  • Reimer, B.
  • Pozer, J.