Evaluation of an inpatient Addictions Medicine Consult Service in Island Health

Funding body: Vancouver Island Health Authority

Background: In Victoria, hospital-based care people who have substance use disorders is currently delivered by providers with varying degrees of experience, knowledge and interest in this area. Little is known about the details of this care and/or whether providers encounter barriers or challenges in meeting the needs of their patients. A new dedicated inpatient Addiction Medicine Consult Service was started in 2017 in Victoria to address this gap in care. As part of the development of this new service, we sought to assess provider perceptions of existing services and to identify strengths and gaps in the management of substance use disorders in inpatient settings in Victoria.

Progress to date: A report summarizing findings from the survey of health care providers has been completed, highlighting a strong need for both ongoing addiction medicine training as well as a strengthening of the community service sector in Victoria.