Su Yen Chong

Su Yen Chong
University of Victoria

Su Yen Chong is a second year Master student in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies with a concentration on Southeast Asian Art History at the University of Victoria under the supervision of Dr. Astri Wright. Her research interest lies within the arts and culture of the Straits Settlement Chinese. More specifically, her research examines cosmopolitanism in the imagined community of the Strait Settlements’ Peranakan through the exploration of batik textiles worn by the Peranakan women fondly known as nyonyas. Through the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program, Su Yen will develop meaningful relationships acting as a support system for personal and professional growth. As her current research centers on the ideology of cosmopolitanism, she also hopes to cultivate the spirit of cosmopolitanism within herself through cross-cultural experiences provided by the program.

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