Boating safety

The UVic boating safety program is part of our Marine Safety program which assists faculty, staff and students in safely performing research both above and below the water.  We are committed to providing you with guidance and support to aid in meeting the requirments of various marine regulations.

The boating safety program outlines the requirements for research and teaching activities involving marine vessels. We provide guidance and technical support to ensure your boating projects meet their safety and regulatory obligations.

Under the Transport Canada regulations, boats used by UVic for purposes other than recreation are categorized as non-pleasure commercial vessels and are subject to a specific regulatory framework. Types of non-pleasure commercial vessels can range from canoes, kayaks, aluminum hull boats, to larger vessels such as the John Strickland research vessel.

To ensure your project is meeting its safety and regulatory obligations, please review the following resources and complete where applicable:

For more information, please contact Amanda Muench at  or 250-853-3915.