Joint local safety committees

Joint local safety committees (LSCs) play a key role in promoting a healthy and safe working environment for all building occupants.  LSCs are comprised of worker and employer representatives working together to review safety issues, make recommendations, and to participate with health and safety initiatives at their local (unit) level.    

Information on emergency planning, including training responsibilities for BECs/FECs, is coordinated through Emergency Planning.  Please visit their website for more information.

If you have any questions about Local safety committees, please contact  


Joint local safety committee Responsible Dean/Director Management Co-chair Employee Co-chair
Animal Care Services Veterinary Director ACS Husbandry Coordinator
Athletics AVP, Student Affairs TBD Paul Johnson
Business & Economics and David Strong Dean, Faculty of Business Kevan Gorham TBD
Campus Security Director, Campus Security Patrick Seward Sherri Edwards
Campus Services AVP, Student Affairs Amanda Hawkins Madeline Lacerte
Child Care Services Director, Campus Services Kim Ainsworth Celine Hume
Clearihue Dean, Faculty of Humanities; CIO Dave Bakken Consuela Corvig
David Turpin and Cornett Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Rosemary Barlow Jindra Belanger
Education Dean, Faculty of Education Wendy Seager Pam Bevan
Engineering Dean, Faculty of Engineering Mary-Anne Teo Erin Robinson
Facilities Management Executive Director, FMGT Leigh Andersen Jarred MacLean
Fine Arts Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts Kristi Blyth David Broome
Food Services Executive Director, Student Services Kelly Bailey Janice Hepburn
Health & Wellness Executive Director, Student Services Dawn Schell Kirk Mercer
Human & Social Development Dean, Faculty of HSD Ana Danut Stephen Leckie
Jamie Cassels Centre AVP, Student Affairs Tara Britt Nykita Downie
Law Dean, Faculty of Law Rosemary McCutcheon Michael Rheault
Mearns Centre University Librarian  Louise Labonte Marthese Cassar 
Michael Williams and Continuing Studies VPFO; Dean, Faculty of Continuing Studies Trish Atchison Candice Work
Ocean Networks Canada President, Ocean Networks Canada Meghan Paulson Hicham El Amirali
Proteomics Centre Dean of Science David Schibli Angela Jackson
Residence Services Executive Director, Student Services Kathryn MacLeod Khasim Jawad
Saunders Annex Executive Director, Financial Services; Director, Campus Services Sean Guldin Christopher Lora
Science and Medicine Dean, Faculty of Science; Head, Medical Science Igor Chetyrin David Leitch
Sedgewick and Hickman AVP, Human Resources Sarah Hood Jodie Walsh

University Hut R

Director, Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health Jo Ann Miller Leah Potter

Terms of Reference

Joint LSCs are responsible for:

  • Conducting documented monthly meetings, with designated Employee and Management co-Chairs.
  • Participating in general annual building inspection of common areas.
  • Conducting and reviewing incident investigations, hazard report reviews or other WorkSafeBC investigations, as appropriate.

Full details on LSC roles and responsibilities are described in the Joint Local Safety Committee Terms of Reference.

Annual evaluations

Each LSC is required by WorkSafeBC to complete an annual evaluation of their committee's activities.

LSC Co-Chairs should complete the annual evaluation form and review it with their membership no later than February, for the previous year's activities.

Please contact  if you have any questions or require assistance.  


All new members to Local Safety Committees (LSC) are required by WorkSafeBC to complete a prescribed course within six months of joining the LSC. 

Please visit the LSC training page for enrollment.