Joint Local Safety Committees

Joint Local Safety Committees (LSCs) play a key role in promoting a healthy and safe working environment for all building occupants. LSCs coordinate building safety initiatives, recommend actions which will improve the effectiveness of the OH&S Program and promote compliance with the WorkSafeBC Regulation.

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OHSE has a dedicated resource to assist the Joint Local Safety Committees. If you have any questions, concerns, or are in need of assistance or advice please contact Gavin St. Michael at .  

Joint LSC are responsible to:

  • Conduct documented monthly meetings, with designated Employee and Management co-Chairs
  • Participate in general building inspection of common areas, annually
  • Conduct and review incident investigations, hazard report reviews or other WorkSafe investigations as appropriate
  • Other duties and functions of a joint health and safety committee, as appropriate

They also participate in health and safety courses or seminars that are offered to members, promote personal security, identify situations that are unsafe or unhealthy and advise the appropriate department, and can make recommendations on unresolved issues to their responsible Dean/Director or the University Safety Committee.

The responsible Dean/Director or designate will be the Management co-Chair of the Joint LSC. The employee co-Chair will be elected (by secret ballot) by the employee membership on the Joint Committee Co-Chairs ensure that committee members are selected to represent all major work areas, departments and employee groups.

Efforts should be made to ensure there are equal numbers of management and employee members, or a greater number of employee members.

Each committee should also include Campus Security’s Personal Safety Coordinator (PSC) and the OHSE LSC Liaison as committee resources.

Joint Local Safety Committees report to assigned Deans or Directors. Deans/Directors are responsible to ensure that their committee is meeting monthly and has appropriate administrative support to fulfill its mandate. 

Health and safety issues or concerns are the responsibility of the department supervisor or management to resolve. If issues remain unresolved, the local safety committee can assist by reviewing the issue and making a recommendation.

The University Safety Committee (USC) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHSE) will communicate regularly with LSCs by monitoring their performance and providing advice, assistance and resources.