Joint CUPE 951 committee

The Joint CUPE 951/University Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) complements the University Safety Committee and the Local safety committees and satisfies the CUPE 951 Collective Agreement.


Management representatives
Name  Department Local Email

Lynn Meyers, Co-Chair 

Human Resources 472-5673
Trish Atchison Division of Continuing Studies 472-4385
Personal Safety Coordinator Campus Security Services 721-8981
Worker representatives
Name Employee group representation Local Email
Nykita Downie, Co-Chair  Graduate Admissions & Records 721-8717

Amy Issel Electrical & Computer Engineering 721-8614
Heidi Neeves Office of the Registrar 721-8130
Colin Newell Academic & Admin Services 721-6622
Kara White (alternate) Science Stores 472-8851
Susie Dancer (on leave) Student Support Services
Ex-officio (non-voting)
Name Department Local Email
Occupational Health, Safety & Environment 721-8971


Please follow the links below to view the approved minutes for previous JOHSC meetings. These minutes are in PDF format.

Terms of Reference


In accordance with the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation and the CUPE 951 Collective Agreement, the Committee will recommend to the appropriate University authorities measures required for compliance with the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation and the correction of hazardous conditions by:

  1. Ensuring that incident investigations involving members of the Union have been made as required by Section 3.4 of the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, discussing the nature and cause of such incidents and injuries, and, if necessary, making recommendations to the appropriate University authorities.
  2. Participating in incident investigations involving CUPE 951 members or when requested by the Director, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.
  3. Promoting the establishment of Joint Local Safety Committees in buildings where members of the Union work.
  4. Promoting and, when feasible, participating in implementing safety and health education and training programs for members of Joint Local Safety Committees, the University Administration, and all Union members.
  5. Advising and supporting Joint Local Safety Committees in carrying out regular inspection programs as required by Section 3.5 of the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.
  6. Encouraging employees to draw dangerous or hazardous conditions to the attention of their supervisors, their Joint Local Safety Committees and finally, if the issue is not resolved, to the attention of the Committee for discussion.
  7. Receiving, considering, and, if feasible, appointing at least one Union member and one employer member to investigate such complaints, as required by Section 3.12(4) of the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and, if necessary, making recommendations to the appropriate University authorities.

The Committee will keep accurate records of all matters that come before it. The Committee will record the minutes of its meetings and will provide its Committee members with a copy of these minutes.


Membership on the Committee will be appointed by the Union and the University - four from each.

  1. The Chair and Secretary or two Co-Chairs shall be elected from the membership of the Committee.  The Chair shall be a Union member and the Secretary an employer member or vice versa. In the case of two Co-Chairs being elected, one of the Co-Chairs shall be a Union member and the other an employer member.
  2. Membership will normally be for two years on staggered terms.
  3. The Director, Labour Relations & HR Consulting (or representative) will be one of the University members.
  4. The Director, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (or representative) will be a non-voting member in addition to the 8 voting members.
General procedures
  1. All communications to and from the Committee will be through the Secretary or, in the case of two Co-Chairs being appointed, one of the two Co-Chairs.
  2. The Committee will meet on a regular monthly basis or as requested by the Union or the University to discuss and make recommendations in regard to specific unsafe, hazardous, or dangerous conditions or other exceptional circumstances.
  3. The Committee shall strive to arrive at a 'recommendation for action to be taken' by means of consensus. If, after reasonable exploration, including consideration of any additional, relevant specialist advice as may have been sought, the Committee is unable to reach a consensus then, as per the Collective Agreement, the matter shall be referred to the parties. Any such referral shall be accompanied by a summary of the pertinent arguments and may also include the results of any straw poll that might have been taken.
  4. A quorum will consist of two voting members each from the Union and the University.
  5. The Committee will add procedures it considers necessary for the meetings.
  6. An agenda will be prepared by the Recording Secretary under the direction of the Chair and will be distributed to all members prior to the meeting.
  7. The University Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Manager (or representative) will report to the Committee's regular meeting on all incidents and on all matters pertaining to the Health and Safety of Union membership.

December 2015