Finding supports and resources

How UVic can help

If your loved one discloses challenges with aspects of university life, it can be hard to know how to direct them to appropriate resources. The following list will aid you in determining what resources on campus are applicable to common student struggles.


  • The Centre for Academic Communication offers various educational support resources in the following areas: 
    • Writing skills, writing to publish, pre-writing stages, and strategies;
    • Public speaking support;
    • Reading support (e.g., critical reading and analysis skills);
    • Academic integrity, and;
    • Transitions (from other cultures, high school, college, etc.).
  • Counselling Services offers workshops and programs to improve students’ academic skills.
  • For students with disabilities, the Centre for Accessible Learning offers a learning assistance program to help meet academic goals, and some of the programs are also open to all UVic students. Contact an CAL advisor if you’d like more information for a referral.
  • The Learning Commons' mission is to connect students with an active and collaborative learning environment. Located on the main floor of the Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library, multiple resources for student success share their expertise. A mix of tutoring, workshops, one-on-one academic support, and a dynamic learning space makes for a great academic source for students.
  • Academic advising helps your student succeed at university and assists in reaching their full potential. Students are invited to connect with advising throughout their programs of study at UVic. Graduate students should contact their program's graduate advisor for questions and assistance.
  • Creating relationships and communicating with professors and instructors is very important for students. As a parent or family member you can suggest and support this important interaction for academic success. 

Mental and physical health

  • Counselling Services offers free, professional, confidential, inclusive support to UVic students. This service can help those feeling lost, overwhelmed, stressed, or struggling with mental health concerns. Counselling Services provides groups and workshops on topics such as career exploration, depression, grief, personal growth, relationships, sexualized violence, and stress and anxiety. Check out individual appointment information, groups and workshops, and career path exploration. Also, Counselling Services has a private practice therapist list, if your student is interested in seeking support off campus.
  • UVic Health Services provides full-service primary health care to students, including medical care, mental health, sexual health, sports medicine, chronic illness care, health and wellness education, public health and immunization services. Mental health and psychiatry care includes treatment for such conditions as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse, and other concerns. Scope of care includes psycho-education, assessment, counselling, consultation, care coordination, and a variety of psychological and pharmacological therapies. Students can book appointments and access rapid and urgent care as needed. To make an appointment call 250-721-8492


  • Spiritual support at UVic is based around community, learning, and practice. Spirituality comes in many different shapes and forms, and our community has numerous different resources for students. Multifaith Services offers spirituality through learning, service, practice and community to all member of UVic. Multifaith Services also acts as a liaison between the campus and other religious groups in the greater Victoria area. 
  • Elder’s Voices guides faculty, staff and students in Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Elders are the foundation of Indigenous communities and act as the glue that keeps Indigenous people together. They are keepers of sacred stories, songs, languages, culture and tradition. To learn more about the Elder’s Voices partnership, you can visit the Office of Indigenous Affairs, or contact a Cultural Protocol Liaison to book an appointment with an Elder.

Staying active and eating healthy

  • UVic Food Services’ registered dietitian is available as a resource for students to achieve optimal health while attending UVic and is available at no cost to students. More information on booking appointments can be found on the UVic Dietician page
  • Exercise support is also readily available on campus. If your student is interested in support related to physical fitness, contact Vikes Recreation for current program availability.