Printer and copier locations

We provide self-serve printers, photocopiers and microform reader/printers at locations in the libraries and several other buildings across campus.


Printers are available in the following locations:

McPherson Library

  • Three print stations for all library computer workstations, library lending laptops, and wireless printing from personal laptops.
    • Two stations located on main floor: one under stairwell, and one in the north-east corner of the Learning Commons computer area (these include BW and colour printers).
    • One print station located on lower level across from compact shelving, BW printer only.
  • Colour printing from the iMac multimedia workstations to the printer/copier in Media Services area (letter, legal and 11x17 paper sizes available).

Curriculum Library, MacLaurin Building

  • One print station for Curriculum Library workstations, with a black and white and colour printer.

Photocopiers are available in the following locations:

McPherson Library

All Kyocera photocopiers in McPherson Library can make double-sided prints and copies. They have the option for printing PDFs from a USB flash drive. (Exception: colour copier.)

  • Main floor, Reserve/Periodicals room - six copiers (one with coin-op option).
  • Main floor, Media Commons (by listening stations) - colour copier (letter, legal and 11x17 paper).
  • Main floor, far print station (north) - one copier (letter, legal and 11x17 paper, also has automatic document feeder and stapler).
  • 3rd floor - one copier (letter, legal and 11x17 paper).
  • 3rd floor, English Language Centre (ELC) - one copier.
  • Lower level, Special Collections - one copier.
  • Lower level, study area - one copier.
  • Lower level, Microform Room - three microfiche/film reader-printers.

Curriculum Library, MacLaurin Building

  • Room D209 - Two copiers.

Diana M. Priestly Law Library

  • Beside Circulation Desk, 1st floor - two copiers (one with automatic document feeder and finisher/stapler).

Microform readers, printers and scanners are available in the following location:

McPherson Library

  • Lower level, Microforms Room