Digital preservation at the University of Victoria Libraries

As more and more of our lives is bound to the ones and zeroes of bits residing on a cloud server or a mobile device, much of our global cultural heritage, and our own individual and social imprint, is at serious risk of disappearing. Rick Whitt, Google

Digital preservation is the active management of digital content over time to ensure ongoing access.  It is a formal endeavor on the part of an organization to ensure that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable. Much more than just long-term storage, it involves a broad effort to deploy digital preservation systems and infrastructure, and to foster the organizational capacity to effectively employ them. 

The Univerity of Victoria Libraries is committed to preserving digital content of enduring value for long-term access. We offer numerous services to address the digital preservation needs of the university community.

Repository services

The Libraries develops and deploys repository infrastructure to enable to support access to and preservaiton of digitized and born-digital materials.

  • UVicSpace, the Libraries' institutional repository
  • Vault, our digital collections platform
  • Dataverse, a data repository that helps researchers publish, analyze, distribute and share their data and datasets

Web archiving services

The Libraries provides web archiving services to address the increasing demand for capturing sites in support of the University’s needs for research, teaching, library collection building. The Libraries uses the web archiving service Archive-It to capture and preserve web content.

Digital preservation services

Collaborative efforts

We are an active partner in several collaborative preservation efforts, including:

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Please contact:

Corey Davis
Digital Preservation Librarian
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