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Daniel Brendle-Moczuk, MLIS
McPherson Library
University of Victoria Libraries
PO Box 1800 STN CSC
Victoria,British Columbia, V8W 3H5, Canada
Tel (250) 853-3619 Fax (250) 721-8235

email - danielbm (at) uvic (dot) ca

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Data Visualisation, certificate, Digital Humanities Summer Institute, UVic, 2015

Summer Institute of Big Data, certificate, UVic Computer Science, 2013

Library Sector Leadership, Graduate certificate, School of Public Administration, UVic, 2009-2011

GIS for the Humanities, certificate, Digital Humanities Summer Institute, UVic, 2010

ESRI ArcGIS, certificate, ESRI Canada, 2009

MLIS, School of Library, Archival & Information Studies (SLAIS), University of British Columbia, 2003
Award: Neal Harlow Prize: Outstanding Graduating Student, SLAIS, UBC, 2003

B.A., University of British Columbia, 1994

Refereed Publications

Cloutier, D. & Brendle-Moczuk, d. (2020) Health services and service restructuring. In A.Kobayashi, Ed., International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2nd ed. Oxford, Elsevier.

Lamothe-Ammerlaan, T., Brendle-Moczuk, D., Grande, G., & Crook, A. (2017). The New Gold Rush: Placer mining in the Fraser Watershed. BC Studies (196), 115-134.

Brendle-Moczuk, d. (2015) Re-Locating the orchards of Victoria, BC: Re-connecting with the land Western Geographer 21-22, p.5-10

Brendle-Moczuk, d. (2013) Set in concrete: The historic and spatial distribution of concrete sidewalks in Vancouver, BC
Journal of Maps 9(4)

Brendle-Moczuk, d. (2006) "Encouraging students lifelong learning through graded information literacy assignments."
Reference Services Review
34(4) p.498-508, 2006

Maps created for other publications

Schofield, J. (2019). Sticky Wicket: Over 150 years of cricket on Vancouver Island. https://voyager.library.uvic.ca/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=4754466

Sly, Katie. (2019). Infrasonic and ultrasonic sound in Victoria, BC. (UVic Masters thesis) https://www.uvic.ca/news/topics/2019+convo-sly-fine-spring2019+news

Raptis, H. (2018). ‘My job was to teach’: Educators’ memories of teaching in British Columbia during World War II. Paedagogica Historica 54(4), 447-467.

Park, H. & Higgs, E. (2018). A criteria and indicators monitoring framework for food forestry embedded in the principles of ecological restoration. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 190(3), 113-123.

Greco, G. (2016). Journey of hope and opportunity: The story of the Victoria Italian Assistance Centre 1955-2015. https://voyager.library.uvic.ca/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=3798186

Wang, W. (2017). The effect of seismic hazard risk on property values: Evidence from a regression discontinuity. (UVic Honours thesis).

Matsuda, M. (2014). A case study of the distribution of high wind speeds in the Greater Victoria area using wind data from the School-Based Weather Station Network. (UVic Masters thesis)

Tradition Coast Salish Territories map in Perpetual Salish: Contemporary Coast Salish Art from the Salish Weave Collection exhibition catalogue, 2014

Wake, C. (2014). Forced migration, urbanization and health: exploring social determinants of health among refugee women in Malaysia. (UVic PhD dissertation)

McWilliam, M.K., van Kooten, G.C. & Crawford, C. (2012). A method for optimizing the location of wind farms. Renewable Energy 48, 287-299.

Other publications

Brendle-Moczuk, d. (2016) "50 years of ACMLA/ACACC: One overview from utilizing the Bulletin."
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Bulletin 154 p.4-11.

Brendle-Moczuk, d. (2013) "Google Fusion Tables and beyond: The workshop that almost never happened."
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Bulletin 144 p.4-6.

Brendle-Moczuk, d. (2011) "FOSS QGIS: Mature enough for University use?"
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Bulletin 139 p.20-22, 2011.

Selected Presentations / Workshops:

Utilising Cygwin, Python & Octave to obtain daily & hourly climate data for multiple months, years, and stations from climate.weather.gc.ca
ACCOLEDS StatsCan Conference, TRU Kamloops, Nov.2017

Interactive web data/stats charts & graphs: Another form of data visualisation
ACCOLEDS StatsCan Conference, UVic, Nov.2016

The stories, politics and controversies (buried) within topographic maps
WAML 49th annual conference, StanfordU, Sep.2016

The figures, maps & photos of the ACMLA / ACACC Bulletin over the years: What do they tell us?
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives CARTO 50th annual Conference, UNewBrunswick, June 2016

Three BC Mines and their historical landscapes: From imagery to map to imagery
Canadian Cartographic Association & Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing conference, UWinnipeg, May 2016

Utilizing free open source tools to create interactive web maps in order to visualize (StatsCan) data
ACCOLEDS StatsCan Conference, UCalgary, Nov.2015

Don’t fade away: Utilizing web maps to highlight, reveal and promote map libraries collections and research
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives CARTO 49th annual Conference, Ottawa, June 2015

Dam(n)ing BC: Utilizing historical maps and web maps to remember the dam(n)ed
Canadian Cartographic Association 40th annual conference, Charlottetown, PEI, May 2015

Dam(n)ing BC or Remembering the dam(n)ed: Site C and mega dams in the era of contested economies and environments
WesternDivision-Canadian Association of Geographers, Kamloops, TRU, Mar.2015

Mapping Census of Agriculture data
ACCOLEDS StatsCan data 2 hr. workshop co-presenter, Vancouver, Nov.2014

Fading away: Agricultural land use change in Victoria, BC
Western Association of Map Libraries 47th annual conference, UCLA, Sep.2014

Re-locating the orchards of Victoria, BC: Engaging with the past to impact the future
Community UVic Engagement conference, UVic, May 2014

Re-locating the orchards of Victoria, BC: A webmap to engage with the past
WesternDivision-Canadian Association of Geographers, UVic, Mar.2014

Geocoding: Adding another dimension to research data (co-presenter)
ACCOLEDS StatsCan data 2 hr. workshop co-presenter Edmonton, Nov.2013

Re:Locating the orchards of Victoria, BC: 20 yards food diet!
WAML 46th annual Conference, Fish Camp, Yosemite, CA, Oct.2013

Fundamentals of working with Statistics Canada Geo-Spatial Boundary Files
(2hr. workshop)
ACCOLEDS 2012 (StatsCan western data conference) Winnipeg, Nov.2012

Historic and Spatial Distribution of Concrete Sidewalks in Vancouver, BC
WAML 46th annual Conference, University of Hawaii, Oct.2012

Geographic and Historic Distribution of Concrete Sidewalks in Vancouver, BC
ACMLA/CARTO 46th annual Conference, Ryerson University, Toronto, June 2012

PCCF & GIS: A Match made in Heaven or ...? You Decide! (2hr workshop) ACCOLEDS StatsCan data 2 hr. workshop co-presenter, Richmond, BC, Dec.2011

QGIS / GRASS: Mature enough for University Use?
Raster Workshop Handout
ACMLA/CARTO 44th annual Conference, Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval, June 2011

QGIS & GRASS: Do we need FOSS-GIS?
WAML 41st semi-annual (Spring) meeting, UBC Vancouver, May 2011

Open Geo-Spatial Data & FOSS GIS: Is the store really open
BCLA 2011 Government and Legal Information Gathering, SFU Vancouver, May 2011

FOSS-GIS: From Winnipeg to Banff to BC
Access 2010: Winnipeg, Manitoba Oct. 2010

Library Research Sessions: Are They Necessary?; A Discussion Forum
Thompson Rivers University 3rd Annual Teaching Practices Colloquium, February 2007

Going Well Beyond the 50-minute One Shot Library Class: Literature Research Apart from Lecture Osmosis.”
STLHE (Society for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education) 26th annual Conference, U of Toronto, June 2006

Lifelong Learning?: Beyond Teaching “How to Search”: Working with Faculty to Integrate Assignments that Critically Evaluate & Compare Information.”
LOEX West 8th Bi-Annual Instructional Librarian Conference, Hawaii, June 2006

Professional Experience

UVic Libraries, 2008-
TRU Library, 2003-2008
UBC Library, 2000-2003