Legacy's Curatorial Intern Leading a Tour
Lorilee Wastasecoot leads a tour.

Current exhibition tours

We welcome visits from UVic classes!

We offer in-person and online introductions to any exhibition at the Legacy Downtown. Full tours of some exhibitions are available. Please book ahead.

Post-secondary and high school tours

We offer introductions to exhibitions at our downtown location for any pre-booked self-guided visit.

Contact Gillian Booth, Curator of Academic and Community Programs
 | 250-721-0831

Salish Community by LessLieIndigenous Art on Campus

Self-guided tour website

This online self-guided tour gives visitors an opportunity to visit with the Indigenous art located across the UVic campus. The goal of this website is to educate students, staff, faculty and visitors about the important values, stories, history and messages carried by the Indigenous art on campus.

This tool can be used as an interdisciplinary teaching resource to provide transformative learning through storytelling related to land, peoples, and culture told through the art we see around us everyday at UVic.  

Online Guided Tour for UVic classes
50 minutes | via Zoom

This online tour gives students and faculty the opportunity to learn about the teachings and worldviews of the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast through their art. Themes include the importance of passing on ancestral knowledge through art and story; Indigenous connections to land and place; and the interdependence of all things. We are now accepting bookings for 50-minute Zoom tours for UVic classes.

Contact Lorilee Wastasecoot, Curator of Indigenous Art & Engagement
 | 250 721-8299

Image: lessLIE (Coast Salish; Quw Utsun, Penelakut, Esquimalt), Salish Community, 2010. 

To Fish As Formerly

A Story of Straits Salish Resurgence

Online Tour for classes
60 minutes | via Zoom

To Fish as Formerly tells the story of the SX̱OLE (the Reef Net Fishery) through contemporary art, traditional knowledge and historical documentation. This online presentation shares the story of the efforts of generations of W̱SÁNEĆ people who are revitalizing the belief systems, spirituality, knowledge and practices inherent to the SX̱OLE. Download the teacher's guide.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Indigenous resurgence and eco-cultural revitalization
  • W̱SÁNEĆ traditional knowledge and practice
  • Land-based healing

Contact Gillian Booth, Curator of Academic and Community Programs
 | 250 721-7727