On Beaded Ground in UVic News

Carefully crafted creations of exquisite beadwork – moccasins, masks, doll, cradleboard, purses, moss bags, hair ties and more – are featured in a new exhibition at UVic’s Legacy Art Gallery Downtown. On Beaded Ground explores the essential role of Indigenous artists' creative practices in the reclamation and renewal of culture, identity, stories and teachings.

New Legacy exhibit explores life stories through art

Technology and history may change across cultures and generations, but the human journey remains the same: we’re born, we age, we have relationships, we die. Yet along the way, we are all shaped by the objects which help us navigate life’s stages, passages and rituals—a favourite toy, say, or a wedding dress. This shared experience is at the heart of the new Legacy Gallery exhibit Life Stories, curated by art history & visual studies (AHVS) professor Erin Campbell.