Inuit Women Legal Scholar Award

One award of $20,000 is given to an entering or continuing undergraduate woman or two-spirit Inuit student in the Faculty of Law who has demonstrated leadership experience in their school or community. Applicants will be considered based on their Law admissions application. Payment of the award will be in two equal installments, half in Term 1 and half in Term 2 of the Winter Session. 

The award is eligible to be renewed, at a value of $20,000 for each year of the student's study in the Faculty of Law until completion of the degree, or for a maximum of three years, whichever is the shorter period. To be renewed a student must pass the academic year by the faculty standards. The student must also have demonstrated, in the opinion of the Director of the JD/JID Program and/or the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Relations, ongoing commitment to leadership and achievement, whether this be in their home community or school community, amongst their peers, through their academic, extracurricular or personal pursuits.

Students registered in a co-op or work experience work term will be renewed when they next complete 12.0 or more units for credit in two terms, provided they remain in academic good standing. Any student who takes neither a co-op, work experience work-term, nor  80% of a full course load for more than one term may forfeit their scholarship.

Approval of the recipients will be made by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.

For more information, go to the award information page.

A painting of an inuit woman with an owl on her shoulder

 Art “Inua” by Uumati Kisoun-Inuarak  ᐆᒪᑎ (@oozrii on Instagram)