Prof Asad Kiyani wins prize for int'l criminal law studies

Asad Kiyani Professor Asad Kiyani has been awarded the Antonio Cassese Prize for International Criminal Law Studies for 2015–2016 by the Board of Editors of the Journal of International Criminal Justice. The award recognizes significant contributions to public international law.

In their announcement of the prize, the Board of Editors commended "Dr. Kiyani's ambitious proposal on the theme of selectivity, which builds on his article, ‘Group-Based Differentiation and Local Repression: The Custom and Curse of Selectivity’, published as part of a symposium on Third World Approaches to International Criminal Law, which Dr Kiyani also co-edited, in the fourth issue of the Journal in 2016. Although much has been written on selectivity in international criminal justice, the Board believes that Dr Kiyani’s approach offers a novel and, most importantly, well thought-through methodology that will make an original and substantial contribution to the theme."

More information on the award can be found on the website of the Oxford University Press Journal of International Criminal Justice