Exchange program

Participate in the University of Victoria International Student Services Exchange Program and complete courses that count toward your degree at one of UVic's many partner universities.

ISS coordinates and supports student exchanges (incoming and outgoing) for undergraduate students in the Faculties of Humanities, Science and Social Sciences.

Students in the Faculties of Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Human and Social Development, Law, Business and Graduate Studies work with their Academic Unit Adviser to plan an international exchange.

Your time abroad will be an education in its own right, and your experience will deepen your understanding of other cultures and the world we share.

□   Develop your skills in a second (or third?) language

□   Gain international perspectives in your field of study

□   Add a competitive edge to your resumé

Review requirements

□   Enrolled in an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Humanities, Science, or Social Sciences at UVic

  • Economics: If you are a student in the Department of Economics, please refer to the Department of Economics website for additional information specific to your program and exchange.
  • French: If you are a student in the Department of French, please contact your department at to discuss your exchange before you apply.
  • Graduate Students: If you are a Graduate student, please consult with your department before you apply. 

  • Students in departments outside of the tri-faculties (humanities, science, social sciences): If you are registered in Business, Law, Nursing, Engineering, or other professional programs, please consult with your department before you apply.

□   Registered as a full-time UVic student

□   Completed at least one year of study at UVic (12.0 units) before you leave for your exchange

□   Meet good academic standing as outlined in the current UVic Undergraduate Calendar 

□   Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 AND have recevied a minimum sessional GPA of 2.0 in their most recent term.

Do your research

□   Review the partner universities index for detailed information about where you can study

□   Check the exchange credit histories for our partner institutions

□   Use the application documents as planning tools to help guide your research

TIP: Subscribe to the UVic Global Community Newsletter for advice and interesting stories written by and for outgoing exchange students


□   If you have questions, connect with your Exchange Student Adviser. Visit the International Student Services, Jamie Cassels Centre B272, during drop-in hours Monday to Friday 2:00pm-4:00pm or email 

□   Once you are prepared, make an appointment with an Academic Adviser to discuss your exchange pertaining to your degree requirement, declaring your major, understanding your CAPP report and exchange credits

Apply to the UVic ISS Exchange Program

□   Complete the application process

□   Application deadlines: February 1 (First Term exchange) and August 1 (Second Term exchange)

□   You can expect to hear back by the end of the month of the application deadline

Accept your offer to join the ISS Exchange Program

□   Pay your $50 exchange administration fee at International Student Services, Jamie Cassels Centre B272

NOTE: This fee can be paid by ONECard only

ISS will nominate you to your host university

□  ISS will send a formal nomination to your first or second choice university, depending on availability

Apply to your host university

□  Your host university will now invite you to complete their application process after you have been nominated by the International Student Services

Attend mandatory ISS Exchange Program pre-departure sessions

□  Pre-Departure Orientation

□  Go Global Advisory Session

Complete ISS on-line risk management training program

□ Course Spaces Take Flight with Academic Exchange


What exactly do I pay for?

  • Non-refundable $50.00 administrative fee. Payable by ONECard only.
  • UVic tuition for 7.5 units for each term you are on exchange. As an exchange student, you will pay for 7.5 units of coursework per term while you are on exchange regardless of the number of courses you take at the host institution. Part-time registration options may be available on a case by case basis. Tuition fees are due by the usual UVic deadline each term.
  • The cost of travel and housing varies between countries, cities and universities. Planning your budget will depend on the added features such as support services, airfare, accommodation, extended medical insurance, medical exams or vaccinations, visa applications, passport renewal, living expenses, textbooks, food, clothing, field trips, fees for textbooks, and meal plans. Use the budget worksheet to help guide your research.
Am I eligible for financial aid while on exchange?

  • If you have student loans or scholarships, Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) has specific requirements for students going on exchange. Be sure to provide them with the information they require to ensure your funding is not interrupted.
  • There are many funding opportunities for students going abroad! Check with Global Engagement for current funding information and application deadlines.

How do I receive UVic credits for the courses I take on exchange?

  • Review the Exchange Credit Histories posted on our partner universities index. This a great place to start for a general idea of UVic equivalencies for courses previously taken at our partner universities.
    Please note: This is a guide only; it is not a complete list of courses that are eligible for credit and it does not guarantee that you will receive the credit listed.
  • Submit requests to the Outgoing Exchange Course Evaluation Portal, an online tool that the UVic Undergraduate Records office and academic units use to pre-determine the potential credit value for the courses you will take while on exchange. You will receive access to the portal after you have been accepted to the ISS Exchange Program.
    NOTE: This is the only way to have your credit evaluated for your exchange.
  • When you return – Submit course outlines and course materials (assignments, tests, etc) to the Outgoing Exchange Course Evaluation Portal and you will receive final credit values for the courses you completed on exchange once your final transcript from your host university has been received.

    Please note:

    In order to receive credit, you must pass your courses as determined by the host university’s guidelines.

    One course on exchange does not necessarily equal one course at UVic (1.5 units). If you are registered in 5 courses on exchange, you cannot assume that you will receive 7.5 units of exchange credit upon return.