Choosing a supervisor

If you choose a graduate program with a thesis, research, or essay option, your relationship with your academic supervisor will be fundamental to your success.

Your supervisor serves as mentor and advisor, developing a professional relationship with you that promotes your scholarship and intellectual engagement. They should be a specialist in your research area, and will serve as the head of your supervisory committee, as well as your advisor on the planning and direction of your research.

The choice of supervisor is a critical one. Consult carefully with the graduate advisor for your department or program before selecting your supervisor. For guidance on selecting a supervisor, please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

For more advice on the supervisor’s role and duties, as well as your own responsibilities in the supervisory relationship, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ official policy (PDF).

Meet our researchers

Faces of UVic Research is a series of "elevator pitch" style videos showcasing the passion and commitment of UVic researchers. It's a great way to discover what our faculty are researching, which can help you choose a supervisor who fits your interests.

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