Studying outside of UVic or abroad

If you're studying at another institution in Canada or abroad, including language courses and field schools, you must follow certain steps to receive academic credit. 

Exchange credit

We encourage you to work with the International Student Services (ISS) Exchange Program if you are planning to study at one of UVic’s partner institutions. You can gain international experience while paying UVic tuition fees for exchange credit, which can be applied to your UVic residency requirement.

Transfer credit

If you do not participate in an ISS exchange, you must meet eligibility criteria and apply for a letter of permission to study at another institution, including language courses and field schools. For international requests, you should apply at least eight weeks before you leave. Contact the Academic Advising Centre if you have questions regarding eligibility criteria, payment or how to submit forms or letters of permission.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Transfer credit does not apply to UVic residency requirements.
  • You must submit a letter of permission before beginning studies at another post-secondary institution. 
  • The Academic Advising Centre cannot process a letter of permission request once a course has started.
  • If you submit a letter of permission after a course has begun, you can request that your course be evaluated for transfer credit. This can only happen after the official transcript has been received by the Office of the Registrar from the institution you attended.
  • If the official transcript does not indicate a credit value for the course, it cannot be forwarded for evaluation of transfer credit. Contact the Undergraduate Records Clerk if you have questions.