Sophia journal

Sophia is a non-profit journal, first published in 1998, intended to provide a forum for undergraduate student papers. It is run by the Philosophy Students Union.


2020-2022 - Volume XVI

2019 - Volume XV

2018 Volume XIV

2017 Volume XIII

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2011 - Volume XII

2008 - Volume XI

2007 - Volume X

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2006 - Volume IX

2005 - Volume VIII

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2004 - Volume VII

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2003 - Volume VI

2002 - Volume V

2001 - Volume IV

2000 - Volume III

  • "The Fate of Overdetermined Actions in Barbara Herman's Analysis of the Kantian Doctrine of Moral Worth" by Laura Nicol
  • "The Truth is Out There" by Alex Henderson
  • "Why the Cosmological Argument is Not a Valid Proof of God" by Julie Richter 
  • "Judgments of Intrinsic Value in Mill's Utilitarianism" by D. Bifford
  • "A Model of Love" by Victoria Seaville
  • "The Case for an Environmentalist Reformation: or, why Foss may be an Environmentalist after all" by Christopher Mitchell
  • "Deism to Damnation: Forgiveness and Spirit in Blake's Ghost of Abel" and "To the Deists" by David Hume

1999 - Volume II

1998 - Volume I