Training students

Training and supervision

We can train your research staff and students on:

  • how to use software we support 
  • proper techniques for use of back-up and archiving utilities (e.g. Subversion)
  • participating and communicating effectively with other researchers and developers on the project
  • proper application of markup or data structuring ideas
  • identifying and resolving specific issues in the data
  • use of equipment in research labs hosted by the faculty and housed outside the HCMC

We are also willing to take on administrative tasks such as signing for timesheets when needed.


Normally the training is done informally in connection with work being done on the shared workstations in our office. If you are using software we support on your own computers for a project we are involved with, we are also willing to train you on that software on our shared workstations or on your laptop if you bring it in to our office.


If you have a number of research assistants that would all benefit from training, we're happy to discuss a formal workshop with you. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

We also participate in the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, which offers two five-day programs every June in a range of areas in the field of Digital Humanities. Space fills up early each calendar year for that summer's courses.