Hosting conferences in Digital Humanities

If you are thinking about hosting a conference or workshop in Digital Humanities, we have a lot of experience that might be of value to you. 

We can:

  • provide consulting services on all aspects of an academic conference
    • e.g. review submissions, registrations, technical infrastructure, produce proceedings
  • sit on the local committee (likely as the technical representative)
  • plan the technological infrastructure and liaise with systems and audio/visual departments
  • advise on training and management of technical support and volunteers
  • create a conference website (including ecommerce aspects)

We can do this because we have hosted local and international conferences. Each of these conferences had demanding technology infrastructure requirements.

In the past, we have:

  • worked with the host organization to specify which technology infrastructure to provide
  • worked with UVic's network administrators to provide the needed infrastructure
  • communicated clearly to presenters and registrants
  • dealt with presenters that have unusual or particularly demanding technological requirements
  • managed the technological support team

Some conferences we've hosted or helped with

We also have experience with the university's ecommerce and conference hosting systems. We'd be happy to consult with you on the suitablity of these systems for your situation. Should you decide to use them, we can help you to do so effectively.

We may also be able to consult on, or help you in, creating a website.

Please contact us to set up a time to meet and talk about your situation.