Teaching classes

Teaching humanities computing

We have taught classes in research methods courses in the humanities to both graduate and undergraduate students. In addition to computing expertise, our staff have years of teaching experience and regularly give conference workshops and presentations. If you think a "technology" component would be a valuable part of your course, or if your project requires training research assistants in accepted techniques and technologies, please contact us, and we'll set up a time to meet one of us to discuss how we can assist in teaching humanities computing topics in academic courses, or as a non-credit workshop outside of class time.

Whenever possible, we try to coordinate our presentation and workshop materials with the curriculum offered through the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. The institute provides in-depth training and seminars on topics such as multimedia digitisation/creation, text encoding (xml mark-up) and project management. We encourage faculty and students interested in humanities momputing to attend the institute, which runs yearly in June.

Interdisciplinary minor in digital humanities

The faculty of humanities plans to offer an interdisciplinary minor in digital humanities. The program explores the impact of computing on the ways in which those in the humanities model, analyse, and represent their subject matter. The program blends the traditional strengths of the humanities with an understanding of computing tools and techniques, and to examine the place of computing technology in our society and the impact it has on structures of knowledge and learning. For more information, please contact .