Providing workstations

Research workstations you can book

If your project requires the use of workstations for research assistants, work-study students etc. we may be able to provide those for you. We have an area of approximately 600 square feet containing approximately 12 workstations. The space also includes a meeting table for six, large monitor, projector and whiteboard. If you're a faculty member in humanities, you may book these stations on behalf of students working on your project by contacting Judy Nazar. There is no cost to you for the use of these workstations. The computers are available for a one-time session or for a regular booking for a complete term between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30, Monday to Friday. The area is an open concept space intended for research work. It is not intended for student course work, nor is it intended for teaching assistants to conduct office hours. 

We have Linux, and Mac computers each with a number of conventional pieces of software for humanities computing work. We will consider installing software (and maybe even Windows) that you provide on the computers, or connecting peripherals that you provide (e.g. scanner, camera, etc.) to the computers. We maintain the computers and implement backup and other good-practice schemes to protect your project's work. Your assistants will benefit from working in a collegial, cross-disciplinary environment  embedded in a professional software development shop. More details on the training and supervision benefits to your students and your project can be found on the training and supervision page.

The workstations are funded in part by allocations from grant-funded projects. If you're writting a grant application and thinking it will require the use of our shared workstations, it is important that you contact us before submitting your proposal to determine whether and on what terms we can provide the resources requested in your proposal. The space is shared, and particularly in the fall term the demand often exceeds the supply.