Consulting services

If you have any kind of question regarding the use of technology in research or teaching in the humanities at the university level, we can probably help you or direct you to someone who can. We're happy to field questions from the narrow ("how do I get an account to host my database") to the broad ("I have this huge pile of works and am thinking of an online publishing platform which has to include spatial, literary and other categories of metadata"). We've dealt with:

  • research issues (identifying interesting features in a collection of documents and discovering or presenting interesting relationships amongst those features)
  • pedagogical issues that might benefit from the writing of specialized software (encouraging logically consistent thinking, closer reading of plays, or improved research skills)
  • data modelling issues (is this data more tabular or hierarchical in nature)
  • a wide range of source documents and collections of documents (hand-written by more than one hand, or diaries with complex inclusions)
  • a wide range of languages and character sets, and multilingual output
  • geospatial attributes (including how to deal with "the underworld" or locations/features that move, or maps which are not to scale)
  • unconventional temporal categories (defined by generations or mythologically rather than quantitatively)
  • audio and video source material and how to make them searchable

If your question is more technical support ("my printer isn't working"), rather than technology consulting ("what features do I need in a printer that is for outputting 17th C etchings") in nature, then you should contact the UVic help desk.

We offer our services at no charge to members of UVic's Faculty of Humanities. If you are a member of the faculty, please contact us. We consult for other members of the academic community when we can. If you are not a member of the Faculty of Humanities, but have a request that might be of interest or value to the faculty, please contact us to discuss your situation and how we may be able to assist.