Developing software

What we can do for your project

If your project plan calls for it, our developers can work for you (or with you or contract developers hired by your project) to create a range of different kinds of material:

  • websites (user uses a browser to view pages; typically used for instructional sites, course sites, etc.)
  • online databases / client-server programs (user uses a browser to work with a database of material residing on a server; typically used for teaching/research sites relying on a large body of data to be queried or manipulated in some way)
  • application programs (user downloads, installs and runs from his or her computer or other device; typically used for utility programs to allow user to create data)

If you or your research assistants are interested in doing some of the software development work, we can arrange for you or your research assistants to get time on our shared development computers. We can also train and supervise work done on the shared computers, as needed. All our work is guided by our development principles and standards. We have expertise in a wide range of software technologies and will encourage you to use standards and technologies we support, but will be open to learning and using other technologies where the circumstances warrant.

For an idea of the range of things we do, see the projects section for descriptions of (and links to) projects we are currently working on or have worked on.

We offer services at no charge to members of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria. Please please contact us to get started right away. If you are not a member of the Faculty of Humanities, please contact us to discuss your situation and how we may be able to assist.