Slavic studies (Russian and Ukrainian)

Undergraduate Slavic students in the Departmental Library
St. Petersburg, Russia

If you want to learn about the history of the Soviet Union, Russian folk beliefs and the Cold War, look no further than Slavic studies. We offer courses in Russian, Ukrainian and East European studies that let you build language proficiency, explore new cultures and worldviews, and even study or work in a Russian-speaking country.

You'll explore topics like:

  • Russian language
  • Slavic cultural studies
  • History of the Soviet Union
  • Russian popular culture
  • Folklore and literature, and much more

Whether you want to become a program student or just take a course as an elective, you'll find that courses in Slavic studies provide you with life-long learning skills that give you a competitive edge. 

Russian Language Program

We are committed to offering students a high quality academic experience with options for staying on track, graduating on time, and meeting their learning goals. With these factors in mind, we’ll be offering our programs and course options for the Fall academic term.

Our programs

  • Certificate in Language and Cultural Proficiency (Russian)
  • Minor in Slavic Studies
  • Major in Slavic Studies
  • Honours in Slavic Studies

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