Holocaust museum

New Holocaust studies stream in MA program

UVic now offers a new Holocaust studies stream in our MA program exploring the ways in which the Holocaust is memorialized and how the lessons from it continue to be relevant in today's world.

Holocaust studies stream (MA)
European city street

Discover your edge in Germanic and Slavic studies

Expand your cultural horizons and discover the languages, culture, history, current events, literature and film of Germanic and Slavic countries. (Photo of Alexandrinsky Theatre in St. Petersbugh, Russia by Kat Sark)

Undergraduate studies
Alumna Caroline Riedel among artifacts in the University of Victoria Art Collections

Unique career paths

Alumna Caroline Riedel is now the curator at the University of Victoria Legacy Art Gallery.

Career possibilities
MA student Chorong Kim

A vibrant community of graduate students

Our programs let you explore critical topics and build your own skill sets. MA student Chorong Kim started making documentaries about the issues she was discussing in class.

Graduate studies
Professor Peter Golz pulling a book off a shelf

Research in action

Discover how Germanic and Slavic studies can be applied to a broad range of topics. Dr. Peter Gölz is immersed in the study of vampires as a cultural phenomenon.

Our research
Several GERU faculty, staff and students

A close-knit community

Our students, staff and faculty engage in critical conversations about language, culture and history.

Our people
Young students of the Victoria Russian School

Supporting our community

We support language learning in our community and offer volunteer opportunities for students by hosting local Russian and German schools.


German, Russian and Ukrainian languages and cultures

Whether you want to build your language and cultural skills or prepare to live and work abroad, Germanic and Slavic studies can help you understand your place in the world.

Studying language and culture helps us recognize the richness offered by the diversity found in our communities and around the world.

—Dr. Helga Thorson, Chair, Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies

Our programs promote critical inquiry, engage multiple voices and inspire creative expression.

We offer language courses in German, Russian and Ukrainian, and we explore film, literature and cultural studies that introduce you to the histories, cultures and current events of Germanic and Slavic countries.


Find your edge in UVic's Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies