Travel funds

Thanks to the generosity of David and April Katz, the field school is able to offer a Zena and Chaim Katz Family Memorial Scholarship to every student registered in the program. The exact amount will be determinde once the number of participants is confirmed.

Please research other ways to help cover costs. Here are some possibilities:

Elias Mandel Award for Study Abroad in the Humanities

Available for undergraduate students registered in the Faculty of Humanities who are studying abroad through courses, field schools, or programs offered or recognized by the Faculty of Humanities.

Office of Global Engagement: Student International Activities Fund

For further information,   or call 250-472-4644.

One World International Scholarship

For further information,   or  call 250-472-4644..

In addition, students will collaborate on other fundraising projects to raise money for the I-witness Travel Fund, which will go directly to student scholarships.