Germanic studies

Students in a reading room
Germanic studies helps you expand your language base and learn about different aspects of culture within a small, tight-knit and supportive group.

What do Friedrich Nietzsche, the Brothers Grimm and Nosferatu all have in common? They all have Germanic roots. Germanic studies let you build language proficiency, explore new cultures and worldviews and even study or work in a German-speaking country.

You’ll explore topics like:

  • German language
  • Germanic cultural studies
  • Holocaust education and memorialization
  • Multimedia and film studies
  • Folklore and literature, and much more

Whether you want to become a program student or just take a course as an elective, you’ll find that courses in Germanic studies provide you with life-long learning skills that give you a competitive edge.

Our programs

German Language Program.

  • Certificate in Language and Cultural Proficiency (German)
  • Minor in Germanic Studies
  • Major in Germanic Studies
  • Honours in Germanic Studies

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