Holocaust stream: MA in Germanic and Slavic studies

UVic's Holocaust Studies: our new graduate program stream.

We offer a small, well-designed 2-year MA program in Germanic and Slavic studies (Holocaust stream). Students benefit from:

  • seminar-sized classes,
  • a newly-designed set of foundation courses, and
  • a dual focus on academic and professionalization skills in our disciplines.

This stream offers a thesis and a non-thesis option and includes a required practicum at home or abroad as well as exchange opportunities in Berlin and Budapest. 

Thesis option

The thesis-based MA program consists of a minimum of 16.5 units of graduate credit: six courses (at 1.5 units each), a thesis (minimum 70 pages), and a final oral examination of the thesis.  

Non-thesis option

Students in the Holocaust studies stream (non-thesis option) normally take seven courses (at 1.5 units each), complete a summer practicum or internship term, and write a major research paper in the form of a journal article (30–35 pages). Students can also opt to submit a visual arts project (photography, video, or computer art), a performance-based production (musical or theatrical), or a creative writing project (fiction, drama, or poetry). All creative submissions must be complemented by a scholarly essay (15–20 pages) that discusses the creation of the art work and places it in a historical context. The projects will be graded by the supervisor and an additional faculty member (whose expertise is relevant to the student’s research) and will not be subject to an oral defense.

Thinking about applying?

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