Rowan Meredith

Rowan Meredith
Law student

Slavic studies - BA (2015)

Rowan is currently in law school at UCLA, and plans to put her linguistic and cultural experiences to use in the study of international human rights. She says the research and writing skills she gained at UVic have been invaluable in law school, and the comparative cultural understanding has allowed her to engage critically with the American and international legal frameworks.

I originally chose Slavic Studies hoping to learn the Russian language, but I ended up getting much more out of my degree than mere linguistic proficiency. I’ve had the opportunity to study in St. Petersburg, Russia and in Marburg, Germany, to go on the I-witness Field School and to work at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Poland. I’ve learned critical writing and research skills, and have had first-hand experience with the culture and history of different parts of the Slavic world.