French Help

A question about French grammar? Need to practice your conversation skills? A passion for francophone culture? Pas de problème, we are here to help!

French Help Centre

The French Help Centre will answer specific questions pertaining to French grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and help you work on your writing skills. It is also the perfect place to go to look over that assignment and clarify a few points. Try to keep it short—we ask that your visit does not exceed 15 minutes, to give everyone the chance to have their questions answered.


En vous souhaitant un beau semestre parmi nous!

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French Club

If you want to improve your conversation skills and knowledge of francophone culture in a casual setting, look no further! The UVic French Club holds weekly evening meetings at the Grad Lounge, and movie nights. It is operated by French Undergrads (FU), a course union registered with the University of Victoria Student's Society. Its executive team consists of both graduate and undergraduate students who share a passion for the French language and culture with their peers. Students of all faculties, disciplines and French levels can attend. You do not need to be fluent to attend.

UVic French Club is on Instagram