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Discover how Devesh is harnessing renewable energy by mixing saltwater and freshwater.

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Classroom learning is just one piece of the puzzle

At UVic, you'll be challenged to learn in new and dynamic ways. Complement your academic studies with serious hands-on work experience through the co-op program or a practicum, test your boundaries by traveling overseas on an international exchange, or embark on a field school adventure with students from around the world.

Community service learning

UVic is about more than just academics. Here you'll belong to a dynamic, diverse and engaged community who cares about the world as much as you do.

Organize food drives for the homeless, volunteer for a local non-profit or stand up for a cause that you believe in. You'll push boundaries to solve real-world problems, and learn how to step outside of your comfort zone.

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Co-operative education

Start building your career while you're at university.

Co-operative education works around your academic courses, so you'll complement what you're learning in class with practical workplace experience. Graduate from UVic with up to 16 months of paid work experience and connections to help launch your dream career.

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Exchange programs

Combine your passion for travel with your university education by applying for an exchange program. Immerse yourself in another culture, deepen your global perspective and add to your future employability all while earning credit toward your degree, choosing from 65 partner universities in 23 countries.

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Field schools

Field schools are experiential and intercultural short-term courses that take you out of the classroom, conducting hands-on study and research in locations across Canada and around the world. You'll travel with a small group of students from UVic and other BC post-secondary institutions, working as a team under the guidance of a UVic faculty member.

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Some of our programs include a directed work experience in your field of study, known as a "practicum."

Practicums give you the opportunity to put theory into practice, gaining a sense of the real-world responsibilities you'll face after graduation. You'll enhance your professional experience and broaden your understanding of policy, practice, therapeutic work and community development. If you're a student teacher, you'll have an opportunity to do field experiences in both schools and alternative field placements.

The following programs include practicums:

Research opportunities

At UVic, research isn't just for professors and graduate students. As an undergraduate student, you'll find plenty of ways to get involved with research that will create knowledge, develop your analytical skills and accelerate your academic and career success. You may even qualify for an undergraduate research grant, award or scholarship to help you afford to take on a research project.

Every year, the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA) enable exceptional undergraduate students to conduct research under the guidance and mentorship of UVic professors. Successful applicants receive $1,500 toward your studies, and gain valuable experience that can aid your current and future studies.

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