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The Peter B. Gustavson School of Business offers a Commerce program that provides a broad education in business, together with exposure to the liberal arts, co-operative education, and optional specializations.

Students can enter directly from high school or transfer in from another UVic faculty or post-secondary institution.

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The Faculty of Education leads students toward an understanding of the nature of knowledge, its interpretations and how it is shared.

Through individual and group work, instruction, and supervised experiences in the field, students develop their professional knowledge and skills as well as their ability to share their knowledge and experience.

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The Faculty of Engineering offers programs in engineering and computer science with opportunities to broaden and deepen your education.

All UVic engineering students take a general year of classes before declaring a major, while computer-science students can customize your studies with a variety of interdisciplinary and optional programs.

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Fine Arts

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers innovative programs that have established UVic as a leading Canadian arts institution, with a focus on hands-on learning that integrates research and education.

Harness your creative energies to craft narratives and tell meaningful stories; we'll provide you with the tools and critical-thinking skills you need to make an impact.

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Human & Social Development

The Faculty of Human & Social Development focuses on the health and governance of society, with emphasis on children, families, elders, communities and governments.

We deliver a variety of programs, taking advantage of new technologies to offer classes both on campus and in the communities where our students live and work.

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In the Faculty of Humanities, you'll combine the deep knowledge you love with the career training you need, exploring language, culture, technology and the environment.

You'll recognize the richness offered by diversity, discuss issues that impact humanity, and discover how your unique point of view brings value to this world.

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Uvic's Faculty of Law is turning out the next generation of great legal minds, with strength in Aboriginal law and Indigenous rights; conflict, crime and justice; citizenship, state and rights; economic governance and market regulation; and environmental governance and sustainability.

In addition to our Juris Doctor program, we offer double-degree programs in business administration and public administration.

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The Faculty of Science will take you to the limits of human knowledge and understanding. From the atom to the universe, the cell to the ecosystem, and the theoretical to the applied, you'll explore the reaches of modern science and mathematics.

You'll be instructed in state-of-the-art labs and on field trips to coastal, marine and rainforest habitats, putting your skills to the test and conducting research that could lead to the next great discovery.

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Social Sciences

In the Faculty of Social Sciences, you'll explore the complex relationships among humans, society and the environment, learning how to examine all aspects of the world we live in.

Seek a deeper understanding of our interconnected world, gaining expertise that will enable you to satisfy your curiousity, tackle the issues you care about most, and make an impact as a social scientist.

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Continuing studies

The Division of Continuing Studies partners with UVic faculties to provide stimulating, high-quality educational opportunities.

You can take a variety of courses that suit your interests, register for a series of courses with a specific focus, or work toward a certificate or diploma.

Medical Sciences

UVic delivers the University of British Columbia's Doctor of Medicine (MD) Undergraduate Program to students on Vancouver Island.

Employing technologies that allow instructors and students in many locations to interact simultaneously, the Island Medical Program (IMP) enables students to complete their training in underserved communities across BC.