Special access

If you have not previously studied at UVic and are over 23 years of age, you must apply via the standard application process for full-time undergraduate studies. If you don't meet the regular requirements for admission, you may be eligible for the Special Access admission category.

Special Access provides educational opportunities for residents of British Columbia whose academic achievements have been significantly and adversely affected by health, disability, family circumstances or comparable responsibilities.

To qualify for this admission category, an applicant must:

  • be a BC resident who is at least 23 years of age by the first day of classes
  • meet the prerequisites for their intended faculty or program of study

Applicants who have attempted a full year (or equivalent) of university-level courses are not eligible for Special Access.

In addition to an applicant's educational history, the evaluation process will consider non-educational achievements that indicate an ability to succeed at university.

How to apply

Apply via the standard application process for full-time undergraduate studies before submitting a Special Access request. If your initial application is denied, you can submit an application package consisting of:

  • an official transcript of all academic work
  • a resume outlining work experience since leaving school
  • a personal letter that describes the nature and extent of your circumstances, and demonstrates the impact these circumstances have had on your educational achievements
  • two references from people who can assess and comment on your potential for academic success
    • references must be provided on forms provided by UVic
    • references from relatives will not be accepted

More information

Contact the admission officer listed in your application response to discuss your candidacy and request Special Access instructions and reference forms.