Home-schooled students

UVic welcomes applications from home-schooled students. In general, home-schooled students must:

  • present proof of completion of a program that has met graduation requirements from a recognized educational curriculum
  • write any provincial examinations (or equivalents) required by their educational curriculum
  • meet the high school admission requirements for their intended faculty or program of study

How to apply

Home-schooled students should apply via the standard application process for full-time undergraduate studies.

  • If you are able to self-report your grades or provide an official transcript, your application will be assessed via the normal procedures
  • If you are not able to report your grades, you must submit an appeal

Submitting an appeal

In cases where applicants do not meet standard application requirements, they will be considered on an individual basis by the Senate Committee on Admissions, Reregistration and Transfer (SCART).

Applicants must submit:

  • a letter of appeal explaining the reasons for not being able to meet the usual requirements
  • relevant documentation that supports the student's potential for success, such as:
    • academic transcripts
    • scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) scores
    • advanced Placement (AP) results
    • conservatory of Music courses
    • resumes
    • letters of reference

Students must also submit supplemental applications required by their intended faculties or programs of study prior to the application deadline. The appeal will not be forwarded to SCART until an academic department has evaluated the supplemental application and indicated its support for the applicant.

More information

Contact a UVic recruiter if you have questions about applying to UVic as a home-schooled student.