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Porttris and his daughter in front of the First Peoples House on the UVic campus

Engineering grad aspires to be a role model

"I want Indigenous students to know what post-secondary education is really about—from someone they can trust. It’s important to me that they know that they’ll be supported at UVic the way I was."

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Revolution in Indigenous law

John Borrows, Indigenous law scholar and winner of the 2017 Killam Prize, is restoring Indigenous law to its place alongside Canadian Common law.

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Onowa McIvor and Peter Jacobs

Indigenous language learning

Building on years of partnerships with Indigenous communities, Onowa McIvor and Peter Jacobs conducted the first study of the Mentor-Apprentice Program for Indigenous adult language learners.

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Joye Walkus

Indigenous Education programming

Joye Walkus, shown at her convocation wearing wearing a 300-year-old blanket that belonged to her late grandfather, graduated with a specialized degree in aboriginal language revitalization.

Faculty of Education

Indigenous Student Support Centre

The Indigenous Student Support Centre (ISSC) is a centre in the faculty of Human and Social Development with a large Indigenous student cohort, faculty and relevant programs.


Explore our Indigenous culture

The Lkwungen Elders of this area share with us teachings of "New’ews sn ʔeyʔ šweleqwəns" ("bring in your good feelings") and "Nəc̄əʔ māt gwens čey'i" ("work together"). In this spirit, we invite you to consider these teachings as you explore the next step on your educational journey.

UVic is building and strengthening respectful relationships with Indigenous communities on Vancouver Island, across Canada and around the world, encouraging Indigenous students to come to UVic and succeed on whatever pathway they choose. At the same time, we are committed to providing educational opportunities that redress the historical and continued barriers that Indigenous peoples have faced in pursuing post-secondary education.

At UVic, you will be able to:

  • explore Indigenous history, language and culture through dynamic learning experiences
  • make a vital impact on issues that matter to Indigenous peoples and the communities in which they live
  • experience an extraordinary environment where Indigenous values are respected and supported.

Our Indigenous-focused programs and courses are constantly evolving, providing every UVic student with opportunities to learn about contemporary issues and historical contexts, and to participate in community-based and other experiential learning opportunities. We also offer a comprehensive range of services for Indigenous students and a number of scholarships and bursaries.


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Faculty members

Meet our faculty members with Indigenous backgrounds, and discover how their work influences your future studies at UVic.

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Student services

Learn about the services available for Indigenous students, including academic and cultural resources and financial aid.

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The First Peoples House

Veronica Lefebvre talks about the First Peoples House at UVic, and gives a tour.

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Undergraduate programs

Contact a recruiter in your area to talk about Indigenous undergraduate, certificate and diploma programs.


Graduate programs

Contact Brian Tucker to talk about Indigenous graduate degree programs.