Bridget McGuire

Bridget McGuire
Production Designer & Art Director

BFA in Theatre, Design (1989)

Bridget is a West Coast-based Production Designer and Art Director for film and television. After graduating from the Department of Theatre with a specialization in Design, Bridget has gone on to work on blockbuster film projects such as Little Women (Columbia Pictures), Night at the Museum (20th Century Fox), and Doctor Who: The Movie (BBC/Universal/20th Century Fox).

In the world of television, Bridget worked as an Art Director for Stargate SG-1 (Showtime/Sky1) from 1996-2001, and then took over as Production Designer during the show’s fifth season. She also worked as a Production Designer for Stargate Atlantis (Sci-Fi Channel) and Sanctuary (Syfy), and her work has won and been nominated for several Gemini and Leo awards. She is currently working as the Art Director for Arrow (The CW).