MMus in Performance – Conducting

The MMus in Performance – Conducting (wind, orchestral, or choral emphasis) is designed to offer conductors advanced experience developing and increasing your professional knowledge and practical skills through innovative, forward-thinking learning opportunities to create positive outcomes for students, educators, and communities. 

The program is targeted towards developing knowledge and practical skills in:

  • conducting techniques
  • repertoire
  • rehearsal strategies and approaches
  • leadership and communication
  • student learning and engagement through lessons, small and large ensemble conducting


 The MMus in Performance – Conducting.pdf

Application requirements:

For all applications, please complete the following:

  1. Write a brief statement (max.1 page) regarding the areas and levels of your conducting and/or teaching, your goals as a musician and/or scholar, and your reasons for wishing to pursue your graduate degree at UVic.

  2. Provide a list of repertoire you have conducted (indicate whether in rehearsal and/or performance) including grade level or standard of the repertoire.

  3. Provide links to a video of your conducting. The video should consist of: 
    1. 10-15 minutes of rehearsal, 10-15 minutes of performance (preferably including the same works for both videos).
    2. Contrasting works.
    3. A front view of the conductor.
  4. Provide letters from two referees who can talk about your conducting/teaching.
  5. Submit a Project Proposal (1-2 pages) to your potential supervisor in the appropriate conducting area (see list of Conducting Supervisors).

A live audition may be required at the discretion of the supervisor. Any applicant invited to audition will be notified directly.


For more information, please contact: