Ian Stewart Complex Evaporative Condenser Replacement

Ian Stewart Complex – Arena Mechanical Room and Roof

Facilities Management working closely together with Fraser Valley Refrigeration Ltd. and their sub trades will install a new rooftop evaporator condenser unit and related systems. The work will involve removing the ammonia in the system, the existing rooftop unit, crane lifts, temporary blocking of driveway to the back parking area, new steel work and the installation of new ammonia plant equipment. The work may be distractive from time to time during the execution of the contract. Please obey all safety signage and demarcation barriers.

Please note the ammonia in the system will be removed Thursday, June 15th and Friday, June 16th. Potentially ammonia alarms could intermittently ring, if there is an emergency condition, Alumni House and Athletic Building users will be contacted directly by Campus Security.

Thursday, June 15, 2023 to August 8, 2023 approximately

View/ Download Facilities Notice - ISC-Evaporative Condenser Unit

Contact/ Organizer Name - Gord Shirley, Project Manager

Contact/ Organizer Email Address - gshirley@uvic.ca