3-Bin Recycling Station Expansion

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beginning in September 2011, Facilities Management in conjunction with the Office of Campus Planning & Sustainability will be expanding the 3-bin recycling stations into the hallways of classroom buildings campus wide. The 3-bin stations consist of a bin for landfill waste (garbage), a mixed paper recycling bin and a bottles/cans/hard plastics recycling bin. We will correspondingly be removing all waste and recycling bins from inside the classrooms in order to encourage the use of these new sorting stations in the hallways.This new waste sorting procedure is a result of a pilot study conducted last year in two classroom buildings (DSB and MAC) that was deemed a success by building users and the janitorial staff. We witnessed greater recycling rates and less garbage left in classrooms.  This new procedure is an important component of UVic’s ongoing efforts to reduce waste on campus and reach our goal of the 75% waste diversion rate by the end of 2012 as set out in the Sustainability Action Plan: Campus Operations (2009-2014).  It will also help ensure the University meets the regulatory requirements with the Capital Regional District that has imposed a ban on refundable containers and all mixed paper from the Hartland Landfill.  

If you have any questions about the recycling stations or any of UVic’s recycling programs please do not hesitate to contact the Waste Reduction Unit at wastenot@uvic.ca.    Also visit www.uvic.ca/sustainability for more information on waste reduction and other sustainability initiatives at UVic.

Contact/Organizer name: S. Geisreiter

Contact/Organizer e-mail: sgeisrei@uvic.ca