Facilities Management Waste Reduction unit conducts waste audit

Friday, January 28, 2011

Waste Management’s Green Squad in conjunction with our Waste Reduction Unit will be conducting a comprehensive waste audit of the University’s waste and recycling the week of February 14th.  We will be sorting and quantifying waste and recycling coming from selected areas on campus. 

The majority of this sorting will be done at the Grounds Shed.  We will however be moving the sorting to the Quad on Friday February 18th.  This is to showcase to the rest of the campus community what we actually ‘throw away’ in hopes to promote recycling in general.  Tents and tarps will be set up on the Quad and we will be sorting waste from the Library and the SUB that day.  I will also have student sorters throughout the week helping us out.  If you are interested come and visit us and see what we’re doing! We hope to be on the Quad from 9am to about 4pm on Friday February 18th.

Contact/Organizer name: Nadia Ariff

Contact/Organizer e-mail: nariff@uvic.ca