Support for Research

Research and Grants Facilitator

The Research and Grants Facilitator provides support for research and scholarly activities within the Faculty, specifically for grant development for faculty members and graduate students. Whether you are a researcher looking for grant writing support, a faculty member searching for information about research funding opportunities, or a graduate student seeking information on scholarships, the Research and Grants Facilitator is available to provide you with guidance about the resources available to you.

Tanya Battersby, PhD
Research and Grants Facilitator
MacLaurin A363 
Phone: 250-853-3954

Open Access Policy

Did you know the Faculty of Education encourages the free public availability of research, teaching and scholarly work? This can include journal articles, artworks, software, performance, posters, curriculum materials, edited collections, and conference papers.  It’s very easy to do this through UVicSpace, and we can help! Contact or for assistance. Want to learn more? The full policy is available here.

Office of Research Services

For information about UVic research policies and procedures, please visit the Office of Research Services: Conduct your research page.

Faculty of Education internal funding opportunities

Graduate Student Travel Fund

The Graduate Student Travel Fund (up to $500) supports graduate students to make scholarly presentations, give artistic performances, or travel for research purposes to local (outside the CRD), provincial, national and international locations. The fund is administered through the Dean’s Office.

Graduate Student Travel Fund application form (PDF)
Graduate Student Travel Fund guidelines (PDF)


Applicants must be full or part-time Faculty of Education graduate students.

Applicants must be conducting research related to their project, thesis, or dissertation, or making a significant contribution to an event, such as:

  • Presenting a paper, poster, artistic performance, or exhibit
  • Participating on a panel or in a roundtable discussion
  • Participating in a leadership role on a conference executive committee

Application process

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, however, funds will be disbursed on a first-come first-served basis until funding is spent. Please submit completed and signed applications to (MAC A363).

Deadlines for submission of receipts for reimbursement are as follows:

  • 15 January for travel between 1 September and 31 December
  • 15 May for travel between 1 January and 30 April
  • 15 September for travel between 1 May and 31 August

All applications must be accompanied by:

  • An abstract or brief description of the research/conference activity
  • A copy of the event program where your participation is indicated or a confirmation of acceptance of the proposed contribution to the conference/event

Awards are a maximum of $500. Graduate students may hold more than one Graduate Student Travel Fund award during their degree program, but total funding awarded will not exceed $500. Eligible expenses include conference fees, transportation/mileage, accommodation, and meals.

The applicant’s supervisor and the Chair or Director of the student’s academic unit must sign the application. Their signatures indicate recommendation for Travel Fund support and that the activity meets the scholarly standards and expectations that pertain within that discipline.

Grant Application Assistance Program

The Grant Application Assistance Program (max $500) provides financial assistance for the preparation of external research and development grant applications by regular and limited-term faculty members. 

Grant Application Assistance Program guidelines (PDF)

Application procedure

To apply for funding under this program, or for any questions, please e-mail  with the following information:

  • name of granting agency
  • grant program title
  • (tentative) title of the project

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Money will be disbursed on a first-come first-served basis until funding is spent.

Eligible expenses

  • Graduate student assistance: Please note the following UVic recommended hourly rates of pay for graduate students: hourly rate for CUPE 4163 Components 1 and 2 of $25.63/$25.88 plus 4% vacation pay. As of September 1, 2018: $26.66 and as of July 1, 2019: $26.92
  • External editing by a professional editor 
  • Statistical consulting (e.g., Statistical Consulting Centre, SSM A435;; 250-472-5111)
  • Conference calls with prospective collaborators
  • Travel to meet with prospective collaborators

For all other expenses, please check with prior to submitting your request.

Making a claim

1. Paying a student
  1. Download the Grant funded and other non-union timesheet.
  2. Fill in the student’s UVic ID (aka, V-number) and Legal Name. (If the student has not previously worked for UVic, additional info will also need to be provided by completing the grey “Required fields for new employees” box.)
  3. In the top righthand corner of the form, select the corresponding Year, Month and Pay Period.
  4. Enter the number of hours worked each day in the Timesheet Data section.
  5. E-mail the timesheet electronically to , indicating in the email the professor’s name and that this is a GAAP claim.
2. Submitting a travel claim
  1. Download the Travel Expense Reimbursement Claim Form
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Print and sign the form.
  4. Attach all original receipts and submit a physical copy of the form and receipts to (MAC A245), indicating that this is a GAAP claim.
3. All other expenses
  1. Submit the original invoices and/or receipts to  (MAC A245), indicating that this is a GAAP claim.

Early Submission Incentive Award Program

The Early Submission Incentive Award Program is designed to encourage the early preparation of major funding applications in order to provide time for reflection, review, editing and redrafting with the aim of increasing the likelihood of success in the competition.

Early Submission Incentive Guidelines (PDF)


  • The Program applies to major Tri-Agency funding competitions: CIHR Foundation and Project; NSERC Discovery; and SSHRC Insight, Insight Development, Partnership Development, Partnership Engage and Connection Grant applications. CFI and SSHRC Partnership Grant applications are excluded, as these are institutional applications with support provided by ORS. Faculty may request that other funding opportunities be included in the Program.
  • Applicants (or Co-Applicants) who submit a complete draft application 6 weeks in advance of the internal UVic deadline will receive 25 hours of graduate student funding to be used at their discretion, within 3 months of receipt of the award. Faculty members may apply for an extension of the use of the award.
  • Faculty members who hold a Resubmission Award for the same funding competition are not eligible.
  • Faculty members are eligible for the program once per application, per competition. To be eligible for the award, an application must be substantially different from previous applications.

The Early Submission Incentive Award Program is dependent on availability of funds. Awards will be made on a first come, first served basis, and award amounts may be reduced for purposes of equity.

Resubmission Incentive Awards

Resubmission Incentive Awards (formerly known as “4A”) are made to Faculty members who receive a high ranking in adjudication of major funding applications for the purpose of reworking and resubmitting the application. 

Resubmission Incentive Guidelines (PDF)


The Awards apply to major Tri-Agency funding competitions: CIHR Project and Foundation applications invited to the second stage; unfunded NSERC Discovery applications; and SSHRC Insight, Insight Development, Partnership Development, Partnership Engage and Connection Grant competitions. Faculty members may request that other funding opportunities be considered for eligibility.

  • Resubmission Awards are made for applications that are ranked in the 3rd sextile or higher (or equivalent – with the exception of NSERC Discovery) but remain unfunded and will be reworked and resubmitted in the next competition.
  • The Dean’s Office will contact eligible faculty members upon announcement of competition results; there is no requirement to apply.
  • Faculty members may receive up to two Resubmission Awards for the same project. The value of the first Award is $1500; the value of the second Award is $700. Awards must be spent within 6 months of their receipt. Faculty members may apply for an extension of the use of the award.

Resubmission Awards are dependent on availability of funds. Awards will be made on a first come, first served basis, and award amounts may be reduced for purposes of equity.

Research Engagement Fund

The Research Engagement Fund (up to $1000) supports faculty-led research or dissemination events/activities designed to engage participation within and/or beyond the Faculty of Education. The principal objective is to extend the reach and impact of faculty research and expertise.

Research Engagement Fund application form (Word document)
Research Engagement Fund guidelines (PDF)

Eligibility and application process

Grants of up to $1000 are available to faculty members in the Faculty of Education at UVic. Applicants must demonstrate at least one of the following forms of engagement:
  • cross-unit (e.g., EPLS and IED)
  • cross-Faculty
  • external community engagement
  • Applications may be submitted at any time; however, funds will be dispensed on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply once per academic year: 1 July to 30 June.
  • Events/activities must be completed within one year of the award date.
Examples of successful past applications include:
  • Workshop or seminar around a research theme
  • Invited speaker engaging cross-unit interest
  • Creative community-engaged research dissemination

Successful applicants will be asked to provide a summary report within 3 months following the event. The Faculty Communications Officer may contact award holders to profile the event/activity.

For further information, please contact: