Donor impact

The Centre for Outreach Education (CORE) was created thanks to the gift of a major donor. The centre makes all the difference in learning.

Every gift has an impact

Your donation can encourage students to achieve amazing things. It can inspire researchers to solve big questions. It can, quite simply, change the world.

There are many ways to support Faculty of Education students. Here are some examples of what your gift can do for one of our four priorities.

Centre for Outreach
Education (CORE)

  • $25.75 pays for a session of tutoring for a child with learning exceptionalities
  • $400 pays for a workshop for parents to increase their confidence and ability to provide a supportive environment for their children
  • $1,327 pays for an at-risk child to receive a year of tailored tutoring
  • $75,000 pays for the Centre to operate for one year

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  • $100 will bring an Indigenous guest speaker for students to benefit from their knowledge and life story
  • $15,000 would support a student for a year to work with a Mentor in learning their language
  • $20,000 would bring Faculty of Education students to offer afterschool tutoring in local First Nations community
  • $150,000 would support ten students for a year to work with a Mentor and learn their language
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  • $165 pays for a bus pass for one year
  • $500 pays for a student to take one course
  • $1,700 pays for books and supplies for one year
  • $5,475 pays a student's tuition for one year

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  • $35 pays the monthly charges for an online survey tool to support valuable data collection
  • $100 pays for an academic poster that allows the student to present their research at a conference
  • $400 pays for a knowledge sharing workshop to support community-based research
  • $1,500 pays for a graduate student to attend a National conference, present their research and advance their academic careers

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