Physical education (MA)

This degree allows you to develop a program of study with a specific focus on curriculum development or instructional strategies.


This degree provides the students with the opportunity to develop a program with a specific focus on curriculum development or instructional strategies. Course work provides the knowledge and skills to complete a required thesis, which is subject to an oral examination. Typical program length is 2–2½ years.

Program sequence

The following is the list of required courses and the recommended sequence for the Coaching Studies program as outlined in the current University Calendar. If there are any discrepancies between this website and the Calendar, the Calendar will take precedence.

Program requirements: Total = 18 units

Program components Units
Research methods course (EPHE 573) 3.0
Coursework within EPHE (two courses from the list of 580 courses below) 3.0
EPHE 580 Physiological Issues in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)  
EPHE 581 Psychological Issues in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)
EPHE 582 Neuroscience in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)  
EPHE 583 Issues in Health Promotion and Wellness (1.5)  
EPHE 584 Pedagogical Issues in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)  
Attendance at the School Research Seminar (EPHE 500)   0.0
Complementary course(s) in research techniques 1.5-3.0
Electives: Complete 2 – 4 electives to support your program of study (see Note 1.) 1.5-4.5
Thesis: All Physical Education (MA) students complete a thesis (EPHE 599) 7.5-9.0

Note 1.

Electives may be chosen from courses in the School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education, including Directed Studies or Special Topic courses, or other departments, to increase the knowledge base in your area of interest.

Co-operative education and work terms

Co-operative education is an optional addition to the the Physical Education (MA) program. For more detailed information visit the EPHE co-op webpage

You can obtain more specific information about adding co-operative education to the Physical Education (MA) program from the EPHE co-operative education coordinator.

How to apply

To apply for admission to the Physical Education (MA) program you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Make contact with your prospective supervisor (see faculty proifiles) and establish whether to apply or not

  2. Visit the Graduate Admissions and Records website. Follow the instructions on how to apply to become a UVic graduate student. 
    • For admission to the Physical Education (MA) program the following documents will need to be submitted to Graduate Admissions and Records: 
      • Assessment reports from two academic referees who can speak to your ability to undertake advanced studies
      • Your academic transcripts
      • A letter of intent (see Letter of intent section)
      • Evidence of English language proficiency (if relevant, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more information about English Language proficiency)Assistance

If you require assistance with the application process, please contact the .

Letter of intent

When you apply for admission to the Physical Education (MA) program you need to include a letter of intent with your application. Your letter of intent should be two pages or less. In it you should:

  1. Introduce yourself, describe your academic background, state your specific area of research interest, as well as your career goals.
  2. Identify a faculty member as a possible supervisor.

Find a supervisor

To apply for admission to the Physical Education (MA) program you need a member of faculty to agree to supervise you in your specific area of research.

You should review the research profiles of EPHE faculty members to identify a person with expertise in your areas of interest.

You should then contact the faculty member (or members) directly to discuss your areas of interest and the possibility of supervision.

You can also email the for help to connect with a potential supervisor.

Conference and travel grants

Student conference awards

Undergraduate and master's students may be awarded up to $150 by the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education to support conference presentations and attendance. PhD students may be awarded up to $250.

Examples of eligible events:

  • BC Recreation and Parks Association Conference (attendance by BCRPA award recipient)
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Conference (attendance by CSEP award recipient)
  • Physical and Health Education Canada Student Leadership Conference (attendance by PHE Award recipient)
  • Quality Daily PE Provincial Conference


  • You can be awarded $150.00 only once per degree as an undergrad or master's student or $250 twice as a PhD student.
  • You must be the first author on a paper or poster presentation related to your research or be attending a conference as an award recipient.
  • You must be a registered UVic student at the time of acceptance of your conference presentation.
  • Your Honours supervisor or program coordinator for undergrad students, or the graduate adviser for grad students, must approve and support your application.
  • A preliminary abstract and proof of acceptance of your abstract must be submitted with your application.
  • Award recipients may be asked to present their papers or posters to fellow students.

How to apply:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Get the support of the Honours supervisor, program coordinator, or grad adviser.
  3. Attach a copy of your abstract and confirmation of acceptance from the conference organizers.
  4. Submit the signed form to the EPHE Office, McKinnon Room 120, to the attention of the Administrative Officer (you will be notified of the result by email).

Other travel gants

For details, deadlines and application forms:

Graduate study fees

The fees for graduate students are very different than those assessed for undergraduate study.

As a master's student continuous registration is required into each and every term until you graduate. Students are charged a fee for every term they are registered in a degree program. Fees are paid by installments (not per course). For a master's program a mandatory minimum total of 5 full fee installments are required. Co-op fees are additional. After you have paid five full fee installments and have not finished your program, a sixth full fee installment will be assessed. For subsequent terms thereafter a smaller re-registration fee will be assessed each term until you graduate. For more information on fees visit the on-line Graduate Calendar and the current tuition schedule.

If you have questions about tuition or student fees, please contact the Graduate Admissions and Records Office.