Coaching studies (MEd)

Our project-oriented Master of Education (MEd) in Coaching Studies will provide you with the skills and scientific knowledge you need to be a more effective coach.

You'll complete a series of required courses over two summer terms (July/August) on campus. The rest of the program consists of online coursework, project work, and paid co-op work terms.

The program typically takes 2–2 ½ years to complete, including the two 4-month work terms.

Courses and program structure

As part of your Masters program, you'll take courses in a range of topics, including physical education, sports psychlogy, and research methods. For a full list of required courses and electives, please refer to the   Academic Calendar.

Co-operative education and work terms

Co-operative education is a mandatory part of the coaching studies program, meaning that you will be automatically enrolled in co-op upon acceptance.

Co-op experiences in this program will help you to apply classroom concepts in the workplace, by coaching athletes and reflecting on what makes for effective coaching practice.

In the Coaching Studies Program you will complete two four-month work terms. If you have questions about co-op, please contact the program's  .

How to apply

For detailed instructions on how to apply, please refer to our   graduate programs homepage.

Funding, scholarships, and grants

As a coaching studies graduate student, you may be eligible for a range of   funding opportunities, including conference and travel grants, bursaries and scholarships.