Dr. Mary Kennedy

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Dr. Mary Kennedy

Associate Professor Emeritus, Music Education

PhD, University of Washington

MEd, University of Victoria

BMus, University of Victoria

British Columbia Professional Certificate

Quebec Teaching Certificate

Associate of Royal College of Music, London


  • Choral music
  • Music and community
  • Music and national identity
  • Creativity
  • Music education

Patriotism, nationalism, and national identity in music education; “O Canada,” how well do we know thee? International Journal of Music Education (Research) 31(1), 82-95 (2013) (co-author with Susan Guerrini)

Widening the boundaries of music education. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria (2011). co-editor with Ben Bolden)

Earthsongs: Indigenous ways of teaching and learning music. International Journal of Music Education (Practice) 27 (2), 169-181 (2009)

The Getting’ Higher Choir: Exploring culture, teaching and learning in a community chorus. International Journal of Community Music, 2 (2 & 3), 183-200 (2009)

Cross-cultural connections: An investigation of singing Canadian and American patriotic songs. Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, 189, 31-39 (2009) (co-author with Susan Guerrini)

British Columbia Choral Federation Amy Ferguson Award

For outstanding vocal practice in British Columbia’s Choral community (March, 2012)

Douglass Medal
For outstanding service to Douglass College, Rutgers University (June, 2007)